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Instructions For Setting Up The Watch Page Feature

User Preferences

The default settings are not set up for email notification so you will have to go and change this setting first. At the top of any page on the wiki you will see a menubar. Select the preferences option from this menubar.

  • Note: When you are done setting up pages you want to watch, you can also access your watchlist updates from this same menubar.
Go to your preferences

User Email Preferences

You have to check the radio box next to the "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed" and then you have to select the save button. Also make sure that the email address listed is the email address that you wish to receive these notifications.

Change your email preferences

Adding Pages To Your Watchlist

Now that you can receive watchlist page change emails, it is time to select some pages that you would like to watch. There are a number of ways to add pages to your watchlist. If you are editing a page, you can always check the "Watch this page" box at the bottom of the Editing Page. More likely you will simply want to select some pages to watch. Navigate to the page that you would like to keep tabs on and "right click" on the "watch" item at the top of the page. Open that link in a separate tab.

Right click on "watch"
The text at the top of the page should now have toggled to "unwatch"


  • By default, edits that you make will not be logged to your Watchlist
  • By default, Minor edits will not be logged to the Watchlist
    • you can change any of these default behaviors in the "Watchlist" section of your preferences.