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Frequently Asked Reactome User Questions

Originally this list was part of the User's Guide but has since been recreated as a stand alone document. These are general answers to the more common questions we receive. If you think there is another topic we should include, or if you need further explanation, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@reactome.org

  1. What is Reactome?
  2. What types of information does Reactome contain?
  3. How is Reactome data organized?
  4. What do Reactome DOIs allow me to do?
  5. In what other formats may I view/export Reactome events?
  6. How do I search Reactome?
  7. How is electronic inference used to predict Reactome events in species other than Human?
  8. How can I see who has contributed knowledge to Reactome?
  9. How can I see the topics that will be annotated in future Reactome releases?
  10. How can I download Reactome data?
  11. How do I cite Reactome and Reactome data?
  12. How do I link to Reactome?