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Reactome Outreach takes on a variety of forms, such as public talks, lectures, visiting universities and colleges and supporting traditional science events (meetings, conferences and workshops). Education is a major focus of Reactome's community outreach and aims to inform biologists, clinicians, and bioinformaticians about what Reactome can do. Reactome training teaches new and current users how to use Reactome resources to help meet the efforts of their organizations, groups, or specific audience.

Training and community outreach is managed by Robin Haw at OICR. If you have a particular outreach question or request, you can contact Robin thorough our HelpDesk.

All our training and outreach materials are available under an Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. We have just one simple request, please let us know if you use our presentations, posters or training resources.

  • Connecting with Reactome

In addition to our established Mailing List, RSS feed and News feature you can follow Reactome on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Reactome Help mailing list is often the best place to start if you have a question or comment about Reactome.

  • Reactome Training

Here is a series of training materials, including posters, presentations and tutorials that you might find useful. YouTube tutorials are available describing many aspects of the Reactome website and pathway analysis tools.

  • Reactome Publications and Publications citing Reactome Papers

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed publications which cite one or more of the Reactome publications, please follow this link for more information.

  • Reactome Resource Guide

Over 100 websites, databases, software tools and research projects that support Reactome data, use the Reactome data model, or link to the Reactome website. Visit the Reactome Resource Guide for a list of different software systems and their features.

  • Getting Involved

Reactome is an open-source project that promotes community participation. Any and all contributions are welcome, and we encourage you to get involved. Contact us with your ideas. We also ask that you help us keep our documentation on this wiki as clear, up-to-date, and useful as possible. You are welcome, in fact invited to refine our documentation.

  • Meeting, Training and Outreach Events

All the meetings, conferences and workshops that Reactome has attended and will be participating in is available, by following this link.

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