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Welcome to the Reactome wiki curator's page. The curatorial wiki space broadly divided into 2 sections.


The Reactome staff maintains a release calendar of modules that have been recently completed or are about to be released.


  • Our User's Guide for Reviewers Describes pathway browser features used in the pathway review process.
  • Our New Reactome Curator's Guide contains an overview of the curatorial process as well as a step by step guide for annotating Reactome pathways. Though this guide is currently undergoing revision, it is available now.
  • The Reactome team is in the process of developing an Entity Level View Diagram Tool Guide. This guide is still under development, but there should be enough here to get you started.
  • The Reactome team is using the wiki to organize their Editorial materials.
  • The Data Model Glossary provides information about the terms that make up the Reactome data model.
  • If you are part of the development team you may want to look here as our internal documents are housed separately.